Aloha and welcome to Universal Flavors website/blog. We are 3 teenagers who love all types of foods. We believe that a culture is represented through it’s language, traditions, and FOOD. The world is full of many different cultures, and our mission is to share the importance of learning about a culture through it’s prepared dishes.

Team members:

Seana L: Aloha, My name is Seana Lanias and I am currently a freshman at Kamehameha Schools Maui. My group members and I first started this project in our honors freshman English class. We chose this particular topic because we believe that you canʻt get the full sense of a culture without learning or trying new things from or about the culture. We also believe that a cultures food is one of the most important part of getting to know a new culture. I connect with this project personally because Iʻve always been picky with what I eat and after trying different types of foods from many different countries throughout this project, iʻve learned that trying new things canʻt only surprise but teach you more about the people and the culture. What I hope to come out of this project is for everyone who visits our blog and watches our TEDtalk will understand the importance of food in a culture and want to learn more about it.

Taylor R: Aloha, my name is Taylor Redman. I am a freshman at Kamehameha Schools Maui. We started this project in our Honors English class for our 20 % project. We chose food as our topic because we believe that people tend to block out other cultures and stay with the culture they grow up with. We believe that to really experience and learn about another culture you must start with the food. I love all types of food and I’m always up to try new things but not everyone is like that so we want more people to try new foods. We hope that people find our blog and TEDtalk helpful and will learn the importance of each culture through their food.

Jonathan L: Aloha, my name is Jonathan Lawrence and I am a freshmen at Kamehameha Schools Maui. I live in Hawaii, Maui and I am 15 years old. I chose to do this project because I have a personal connection about this topic and I feel a need to show other people the importance of food and the connection to that culture. I hope that other people will realize the importance of this topic and spread the word to other people about this topic. I also hope that my team members and I can influence people to cook and eat foods from all different countries and cultures.





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