Jonathan Week 2

Week 2 Progress:

This past week I did my elevator pitch, but I need to do my second draft. I have been researching European foods and decided that Iʻm going to eat baklava from Turkey. I have accomplished my second draft for my elevator pitch. I have also accomplished making baklava home made. The only thing that went wrong is for the past blog post I did not answer any of the questions I was supposed to answer. Some challenges I have faced is finding European foods that most people have not eaten and that is not westernized. Also it is a bit hard making these foods mainly because I am not a good cook but I am trying. I have learned that there is a lot of European dishes that a lot of people have not even heard of, so I will try to make and eat these dishes. My skills have improved over the process this past week. I am on track for on-time delivery, but I should start making dishes early in the week so I have more time to work on the blog and so I wonʻt be stressed. Some adjustments that need to be made is finding a dish for next week so I can start getting the ingredients so I can make it in the beginning of the week. Next I will find a dish to make and I will make it early in the week so I do not have to stress during the weekend, also so I have more time on my blog posts. Baklava is a very delicious dessert. It is very easy to make but takes time preparing. This dish took me over an hour just to prepare. This is the first time I have ever eaten baklava, I have never even heard of it before but it was amazing. It was crunchy and soft at the same time. I will now eat baklava every chance I get.



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