Week 13 progress:

This week my teammates and I are going to go to ingredients to take more pictures and videos to put into our tedtalk. I am excited that everyone will be there this time. Nothing has really gone wrong and we have been communicating a lot more and planning things out for the future of this project. Our ted talk is almost done and know all we really have to do is memorize it. I memorized my first part of the tedtalk but I will need to do it infront of people because when presenting I forget what to say and it is very embarrassing. Next we will eat another mexican dish and post it to the blog and Instagram. We are also meeting put tomorrow at Poi By The Pound for some ʻono hawaiian food.


Week 12 progress:

This week was not successful at all. All of my teammates and I were very busy this week and could not go to any restraunts. This was a setback because now we might have to go to more restraunts next week to make up for this week. I like that we are going to restraunts and taking pictures and videos because it will look nice in our tedtalk. My teammate put the pictures and videos we got last week into an iMovie and it looks nice. Our tedtalk is almost finished and we are starting to memorize it. We timed what our tedtalk is and it is a little over 5 minutes which is perfect because we will be adding more to it. Now we will cook another Mexican dish and I am so far really liking Mexicans. I have been going to the restraunts and eating over there instead of cooking it because it takes a lot of time cooking it and I have been really busy with other work from other classes. The best Mexican dish I have eaten so far is fried ice cream. It is so amazing especially because the ice cream is wrapped in this warm cinnamon layer and inside a fried bowl. I ate this when my teammate and I went to take videos at Amigos. This project is going well and coming together.


Week 11 progress:

This week was very successful. Me and one of my other teammate went out a couple of restraunts and took pictures and videos of us eating the food. I guess you can say it was a very tasty week. We will be using the pictures and videos and putting it into a iMovie to insert it into the tedtalk. We went to Fabianis and Amigos. At Fabianis we ate a delicious pizza and these amazing macaroons. At Amigos we had a chimichanga and fried ice cream. The only thing that went wrong is that one of our teammates could not make it. We will be heading out next week to finish the rest of the restraunts we have to eat at.

Week 10 progress:

This week we ate our Indian food. Everything is kind of going smoother because of the new blog and my team and I are communicating of  what we want on our ted talk. Our ted talk outline is good but could use a lot of improvement. We now understand how food connects to the culture and it goes deeper than what any of us thought. It has been a lot of work making the food and posting it and doing the ted talk but I think it will turn out ok. I still am struggling to keep up with my blog posts but it is slowly getting better. Our ted talk is coming along and it is so far not bad. We will be getting videos of restaurant cooks giving their thoughts on the food they cook hoping it will broden our perspective of food. We will try to put the videos in the ted talk which I think will be very good to have. Next my teammates and I will be going to restraunts and taking pictures and videos of us eating the food for our tedtalk.

Week 9 progress:

This week changed our blog and I am very happy with the outcome. It is a very organized and neat and looks very professional. The blog truly looks like a food blog. I will have to give a big shout out to my team mate, Seana, because this was her idea of changing it and it looks very nice. Now we have to transfer everything from the old blog to the new blog which will take time but in the end it would have been worth it. My over all progress is not bad. It could be better and with time management it will be a lot easier. I need to make a calendar of when I need things by. The calendar would have when the ted talk is, when I need to have my dish cooked by, when I need to post my dish to the blog and to the Instagram by and everything else. Next we will have to cook another Indian dish which I and I am surprisingly starting to like Indian. Also we have to finish the outline of our ted talk because it is due which has been a little stressful.

Week 8 progress:

This past week we have eaten another Indian dish. We need to post more to the Instagram because it is falling down a little bit. It is a little bit hard keeping up with the blog and the Instagram. We also need to post the recipes to the blog more. We have just started an outline of the ted talk and kind of just filling it in. We need to figure out how we want our ted talk to go and look like. I think it  will turn out fine but we need to communicate it more. We still need to be more on time for our deliveries. I am falling back on making the food mainly because I do not have the best time management. Next we will cook another Indian dish and post it to the blog and Instagram.

Week 7 progress:

This week I ate another Indian dish. I am very excited to eat Indian food for I have never tried it before. I am a little scared to taste it but I know it will be fun. This past week we have just been updating the blog and finding ways to improve it. Only one thing has gone wrong which is not completely understanding how food connects to the culture. We are kind of all over the place in trying to explain it which is very confusing afterward.We have accomplished posting a few pictures to the Instagram. I have learned that time management is very important for this project. I need to adjust being more on time for my deliveries. Next we will be to cook another Indian dish and posting it to the Instagram.

Week 6 Progress:

This week we returned from spring break and now we are on Indian. I actually ate some European food during spring break which is really cool because I am doing this project. I was very happy because my teammates and I were posting to the Instagram which was very fun. One thing we I need to work on is communicating because over the break I have not talked to any of my teammates and we could have been using that time to plan something our for the blog or tedtalk or something. I think we have all learned that we need to plan more things out and communicate more. We will eat another Indian dish and post it to the blog and to the Instagram.

Week 5 Progress:

This week I tried Thai. When I was looking at Thai food there was a lot of curry and I do not like curry at all. I looked and looked for something but curry but it was hard so I just tried curry thinking my taste buds have changed but was still is not my favorite. Though it is still better that what I remembered so maybe I can get used to it. It was kind of hard this week because spring break was just right there and that is all I could think of but I still need to post to the blog and Instagram. Our elevator pitch is good but I think that it needs to be better because this is the stepping stone for the tedtalk. Next we will cook another Thai dish and I am hoping that I will find something not curry. One thing I have to say is that if you like curry you will love Thai food.

Week 4 Progress:

This is the last week of European food. This past week I have been trying to food another dish. The only thing that has gone wrong is not submitting my posts. My overall progress has been slow, but I will know be a lot faster and post on time and be more prepared for weeks ahead. Adjustments that need to be made is staying connected with other members in the group because we are not all on the same page and it would be a lot easier if we were all connected. I need to accomplish staying on track and keeping my blog clean and nice. This week I made crepes. It is a very delicious dish that can be eaten for breakfast and dessert. I like this dish a lot because you can put whatever you want in it. Also because you can design it how ever you want. The bread is very soft and good. You fill it in with whatever you want like strawberries, blueberries, bananas and many other fruit. Then you add the unhealthy things like whipped cream, chocolate syrup, chocolate chips and any other things you want. I will make this dish whenever I have time. It is so amazingly delicious and very easy to make.

Week 1 Progress:

Aloha, my name is Jonathan Lawrence and I am a Freshmen at Kamehameha Schools Maui. This week we created our blog. The only things that has gone wrong is taking a while to find a food for this week. I have learned that it takes time to find foods and prepare it and make it. Next I will continue to post every week the dish that I have made and find a dish for next week to post. Some adjustments that need to be made is keeping the blog up, nice and clean. Tasks that need to be completed is doing things early and communication with other members of my group to always know what is going on. This week I ate a chocolate croissant. It was very delicious but it was store bought. I wish the I cooked it homemade but now I know that I will cook my other dishes homemade. I don’t really eat croissants, mainly because my family buys muffins. For now on I will be eating a lot more croissants than muffins. I was very surprised of how good it was. It was nice and warm and just delicious. You can easily get it at many stores like Safeway and Starbucks.



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