Jonathan Week 1

Week 1 Progress:

Aloha, my name is Jonathan Lawrence and I am a Freshmen at Kamehameha Schools Maui. This week we created our blog. The only things that has gone wrong is taking a while to find a food for this week. I have learned that it takes time to find foods and prepare it and make it. Next I will continue to post every week the dish that I have made and find a dish for next week to post. Some adjustments that need to be made is keeping the blog up, nice and clean. Tasks that need to be completed is doing things early and communication with other members of my group to always know what is going on. This week I ate a chocolate croissant. It was very delicious but it was store bought. I wish the I cooked it homemade but now I know that I will cook my other dishes homemade. I don’t really eat croissants, mainly because my family buys muffins. For now on I will be eating a lot more croissants than muffins. I was very surprised of how good it was. It was nice and warm and just delicious. You can easily get it at many stores like Safeway and Starbucks.



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