Seana Week 1

Week 1 Progress:

This month’s food theme was European. Each person in our group was given the option of any European recipe or food to eat. Last weekend I had a chicken pesto Panini with mozzarella cheese and tomatoes on ciabatta bread. The Panini originates from Italy. I’ve never had chicken and pesto in a sandwich before and I really enjoyed the flavors from the different parts of the dish. The Panini I had was homemade, but there are many Italian places on Maui where you can get Panini’s. One place that serves them is Fabiani’s in Wailea and Kihei. There are many different types of Panini’s that have tomato or marinara sauce instead of pesto. One new European food I’d like to try is Crepes. Crepes were founded in France. I’ve seen crepes made at the Kaahumanu mall here on Maui and at Café des Amis in Paia. I’d like to try a sweet crepe as well as a savory crepe.IMG_4252


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