Seana Week 2

Week 2 Progress:

In the past week we had our different meals. This week we accomplished the flavor pitch for our 20 time project flavor pitch. Some things that happened in the past week was our pitch for our 20 time project flavor pitch that was due. The number one problem we’ve been faced with this past week was communication, again. I was sick for a whole week from school and knew we had our 20 time flavor pitch was due that week. I tried to communicate both of my team members but was not contacted back. I was worried for the team that we would not get the flavor pitch done in time for the dead line. However, one team mate was on top if and turned it in on time, I think, still not very strong on the communication. What I’ve learned through this process is to make sure everyone in your group is on the same page and knows what they are supposed to be doing to help move the rest of the group forward. One skill improved on was trust. I trusted that my other group members were capable of being responsible for the assignment that was due for all of us. We are on track with our on-time delivery and communication is the only adjustment that needs to be made. We need to accomplish our weekly blog posts and our next deadline. Two tasks that need to be completed are our blog posts and our elevator pitch.



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