Seana Week 3

Week 3 Progress:

For this past week I needed to post on our groups blog, cook or buy and eat a European food, and post a picture of the food I ate on our groups Instagram (@Universalflavorksm). I finished the blog post, cooked spaghetti, which is a food that originates in Italy. Some things I noticed I’ve been having some problems with is taking a picture of what I ate. This past week I forgot to take a picture of the spaghetti I made, so now I have to re-create my dish and take a picture of it so I can post it on our groups Instagram. I’ve learned that I need to remember to take a picture of my dish before I eat it. One way I could ensure that doesn’t happen again is by either setting an alarm for when I have dinner and label it “TAKE PICTURE OF FOOD” or set a reminder in the beginning of the day so that I don’t forget. My cooking skills have improved from where they were before. As a group we’re doing very I well and are on track for an on-time delivery. Some things that need to change is the effort and teamwork put in by all members of the group. Next week we need to redo the process all over again, the bog post, cooking or buying of the food, and picture taking of the food. We need to finish our blog post, which is due next week Friday. Along with the blog post we need to submit the information for our platform.



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