Seana Week 4

Week 4 Progress:

This past week was our last week to try any more different European foods. This past week I had Greek salad, Margarita pizza and lobster ravioli. This week we accomplished many things such as, finishing our elevator pitch, our weekly blog post and the posting of our meals on our group’s Instagram.

One thing I think we struggled with this week was time management. I know I haven’t been managing my time very well with sports, school, family, and friends. However, I now know how to organize my time equally among sports, school, family, and friends.

This next week we are starting a new cultural food for the month of March.

I feel that our group is on track for our on-time delivery. After really reading and examining our elevator pitch we realized that we needed to crack down more on making sure what we are saying is perfect. And as the deadline approaches closer and closer we need to start focusing on what we are trying to change and how we can make a convincing argument that states why we need to change this problem and how.



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