Week 7 Progress:

This past week I ate my indian dish for the week. For my dish I had naan bread, chickpea daal, and baked brussel sprouts. I also caught up with our groups Instragram, which was very necessary. There’s still a lot to do on the instagram. We haven’t been keeping up with our posts and our dishes. What I hope will get done this weekend is for the Instagram to be updated completely, our recipes uploaded to our blog, blog posts up to date, and information about the dish and it’s county uploaded.

One thing i’ve noticed we’ve been having trouble with is time management. My team members and I haven’t been keeping up with making our foods and finding out more about the culture. From this I learned the importance of passion. If you don’t have a passion for something or loose you passion your performance will  decrease. There’s one skill I know i’ve gained throughout these past couple weeks. That skill is leadership. For the past couple of weeks i’ve been taking things into my own hands. For example, the website was very disorganized. I saw that no one else was willing to re-do the whole website, so I had to do it myself and i’m very proud of it. I’ve also been the only one posting on our instagram, trying to keep things up to date.

Right now I feel after this weekend we will be on track for an on-time delivery. As a group we need to understand the importance of this project and see what we can do to not only finish the project, but make sure we leave the project with a new understanding of culture.

Next, is cooking our Indian dishes and posting them on our platforms. This week we need to post, research the Indian culture, and present what we learned on our blog site. These things need to be done by, at least, Monday or Tuesday.


Week 6 progress:

This past week we returned from Spring Break. This past week we also tried Thai food. For my Thai food recipe I chose to have a Thai chicken salad. We continued to post on our Instagram platform and make Thai or Vietnamese recipes. One thing that I personally accomplished was finishing and re-designing our website. One thing that went wrong was the uncertainty of each group member doing their duties to the project. What I learned from this challenging experience is to make sure that I am in contact with all my group members even if when we donʻt go to school and see each other.

Throughout this past week my web designing skills have improved by a lot. By being faced with the challenge of having an unorganized website I was forced to take matters into my own hands and redesign and learn how to make a whole new website, Which I actually enjoyed doing

We have made a lot of process throughout this project and I feel that we are on track with our on time delivery.

For future months we need to make sure that we are posting our recipes and food finds on our platform and updating out blog with different recipes and blog posts. Next we need to prepare on our TEDtalk and maybe have a group meeting on where we are and where we need to get to. Some things that need to be done are our blog posts, eating or making the months food, and posting on our groups Instagram.


Week 5 Progress

This past week my group and I tried Thai cuisine (we made separate dishes on out own). This past week I had Pad Thai and Massaman Curry. This week we accomplished many things such as, starting a new food theme, completing our weekly blog post and the posting of our meals on our group’s Instagram.

One thing I think we struggled with this week was motivation. As we approach spring break the morality levels in our group start to drop. I go to sleep early and always set my homework aside because I know it’s not due until the end of the week. Meaning I had no urgency.

This next week we will be continuing to try new and different Thai foods.

I feel that our group is on track for our on-time delivery. After recording our elevator pitch all we need to do is organize and get ready for our Ted Talk on our project. Some things we need to do are post and evaluate our thoughts on the foods we try.


Week 4 Progress:

This past week was our last week to try any more different European foods. This past week I had Greek salad, Margarita pizza and lobster ravioli. This week we accomplished many things such as, finishing our elevator pitch, our weekly blog post and the posting of our meals on our group’s Instagram.

One thing I think we struggled with this week was time management. I know I haven’t been managing my time very well with sports, school, family, and friends. However, I now know how to organize my time equally among sports, school, family, and friends.

This next week we are starting a new cultural food for the month of March.

I feel that our group is on track for our on-time delivery. After really reading and examining our elevator pitch we realized that we needed to crack down more on making sure what we are saying is perfect. And as the deadline approaches closer and closer we need to start focusing on what we are trying to change and how we can make a convincing argument that states why we need to change this problem and how.


Week 3 Progress:

For this past week I needed to post on our groups blog, cook or buy and eat a European food, and post a picture of the food I ate on our groups Instagram (@Universalflavorksm). I finished the blog post, cooked spaghetti, which is a food that originates in Italy. Some things I noticed I’ve been having some problems with is taking a picture of what I ate. This past week I forgot to take a picture of the spaghetti I made, so now I have to re-create my dish and take a picture of it so I can post it on our groups Instagram. I’ve learned that I need to remember to take a picture of my dish before I eat it. One way I could ensure that doesn’t happen again is by either setting an alarm for when I have dinner and label it “TAKE PICTURE OF FOOD” or set a reminder in the beginning of the day so that I don’t forget. My cooking skills have improved from where they were before. As a group we’re doing very I well and are on track for an on-time delivery. Some things that need to change is the effort and teamwork put in by all members of the group. Next week we need to redo the process all over again, the bog post, cooking or buying of the food, and picture taking of the food. We need to finish our blog post, which is due next week Friday. Along with the blog post we need to submit the information for our platform.


Week 2 Progress:

In the past week we had our different meals. This week we accomplished the flavor pitch for our 20 time project flavor pitch. Some things that happened in the past week was our pitch for our 20 time project flavor pitch that was due. The number one problem we’ve been faced with this past week was communication, again. I was sick for a whole week from school and knew we had our 20 time flavor pitch was due that week. I tried to communicate both of my team members but was not contacted back. I was worried for the team that we would not get the flavor pitch done in time for the dead line. However, one team mate was on top if and turned it in on time, I think, still not very strong on the communication. What I’ve learned through this process is to make sure everyone in your group is on the same page and knows what they are supposed to be doing to help move the rest of the group forward. One skill improved on was trust. I trusted that my other group members were capable of being responsible for the assignment that was due for all of us. We are on track with our on-time delivery and communication is the only adjustment that needs to be made. We need to accomplish our weekly blog posts and our next deadline. Two tasks that need to be completed are our blog posts and our elevator pitch.


Week 1 Progress:

This month’s food theme was European. Each person in our group was given the option of any European recipe or food to eat. Last weekend I had a chicken pesto Panini with mozzarella cheese and tomatoes on ciabatta bread. The Panini originates from Italy. I’ve never had chicken and pesto in a sandwich before and I really enjoyed the flavors from the different parts of the dish. The Panini I had was homemade, but there are many Italian places on Maui where you can get Panini’s. One place that serves them is Fabiani’s in Wailea and Kihei. There are many different types of Panini’s that have tomato or marinara sauce instead of pesto. One new European food I’d like to try is Crepes. Crepes were founded in France. I’ve seen crepes made at the Kaahumanu mall here on Maui and at Café des Amis in Paia. I’d like to try a sweet crepe as well as a savory crepe.IMG_4252


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