Taylor Week 1


Week 1 Progress:

This week is our first week of trying new/different European foods.

This past weekend I had fired potatoes topped with a sunny side up egg and toasted croissant with jam.

I enjoy eating croissant and fried potatoes but I had never tried an egg on top of my fried potatoes. I’m not a huge fan of eggs and I’ve never favored the taste but it didn’t taste too bad on top of of the fried potatoes. If you like croissants then you’ll love toasted croissants, they’re so good. The croissant I ate was from Costco so it’s not made the same as a true French croissant. A croissant is crescent if it is not 100% butter, if it is 100% butter then it will be straight.

The croissant was created in Vienna (Austria) in 1863 after they defeated the Turks from seizing them. In celebration of their victory some bakers made a pastry called “Kipferl” which meant “crescent”. It wasn’t called croissant until 1770 when Austrian Princess married King Louis XVI of France. Croissants are enjoyed many different ways throughout Europe; filled with chocolate, covered in nuts, dipped in coffee or plain.

In Germany fried potatoes and egg are called Bratkartoffeln. They are quick and easily made and are enjoyed throughout Germany. They are typically sliced, cooked with onions and topped with a sunny side up egg. They are fried in onion or oil until golden brown crispy. They go well with a bunch of dishes such as Schnitzel or any sausage like Bratwurst or Frankfort Würstchen.

Screen Shot 2016-03-04 at 2.20.08 PM


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