Taylor Week 2

Week 2 Progress:

This week is our second week of European foods. This weekend I had Iceberg Wedges and Ravioli twice. Ravioli and Iceberg Wedges are two of my favorite Italian foods. On Saturday I went to Marco’s. They make really good Italian food, and give really big portions so you always have extra to take home. On Sunday my dad made Iceberg Wedges and Ravioli for my birthday.

My favorite kinds of ravioli are the mozzarella and spinach, but I will eat any type of ravioli, they’re all good. Iceberg lettuce doesn’t really have any nutritional value but when it’s topped with cherry tomatoes, bacon crumbles and blue cheese you don’t really care about nutritional value.

Ravioli was invented in the 14th Century. the name ravioli is from an old Italian word riavvolgere meaning ‘to wrap’. Chef Boyardee started canning ravioli in the 1930’s. Italian tradition is to serve vegetarian ravioli, typically on Fridays. Meat was a side dish or served later in the meal.Ravioli appears in many cultures besides Italian.

They say Iceberg wedges were first found over 100 years ago when a farmer noticed a sweeter, lighter colored lettuce growing in his farm. It became very popular and was called ‘crisphead’,it’s true name, until the 1920’s. It was then called Iceberg because of it’s ability to travel far and remain fresh when packed in ice. Some claim that a ‘cold pack’ made from iceberg lettuce leaves can give relief to bumps and bruises. If you chill whole leaves in the fridge for an hour; crumple and secure with tape to the injury it will heal.



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