Seana week 6

Week 6 progress:

This past week we returned from Spring Break. This past week we also tried Thai food. For my Thai food recipe I chose to have a Thai chicken salad. We continued to post on our Instagram platform and make Thai or Vietnamese recipes. One thing that I personally accomplished was finishing and re-designing our website. One thing that went wrong was the uncertainty of each group member doing their duties to the project. What I learned from this challenging experience is to make sure that I am in contact with all my group members even if when we donʻt go to school and see each other.

Throughout this past week my web designing skills have improved by a lot. By being faced with the challenge of having an unorganized website I was forced to take matters into my own hands and redesign and learn how to make a whole new website, Which I actually enjoyed doing

We have made a lot of process throughout this project and I feel that we are on track with our on time delivery.

For future months we need to make sure that we are posting our recipes and food finds on our platform and updating out blog with different recipes and blog posts. Next we need to prepare on our TEDtalk and maybe have a group meeting on where we are and where we need to get to. Some things that need to be done are our blog posts, eating or making the months food, and posting on our groups Instagram.



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