Seana Week 7

Week 7 Progress:

This past week I ate my indian dish for the week. For my dish I had naan bread, chickpea daal, and baked brussel sprouts. I also caught up with our groups Instragram, which was very necessary. There’s still a lot to do on the instagram. We haven’t been keeping up with our posts and our dishes. What I hope will get done this weekend is for the Instagram to be updated completely, our recipes uploaded to our blog, blog posts up to date, and information about the dish and it’s county uploaded.

One thing i’ve noticed we’ve been having trouble with is time management. My team members and I haven’t been keeping up with making our foods and finding out more about the culture. From this I learned the importance of passion. If you don’t have a passion for something or loose you passion your performance will  decrease. There’s one skill I know i’ve gained throughout these past couple weeks. That skill is leadership. For the past couple of weeks i’ve been taking things into my own hands. For example, the website was very disorganized. I saw that no one else was willing to re-do the whole website, so I had to do it myself and i’m very proud of it. I’ve also been the only one posting on our instagram, trying to keep things up to date.

Right now I feel after this weekend we will be on track for an on-time delivery. As a group we need to understand the importance of this project and see what we can do to not only finish the project, but make sure we leave the project with a new understanding of culture.

Next, is cooking our Indian dishes and posting them on our platforms. This week we need to post, research the Indian culture, and present what we learned on our blog site. These things need to be done by, at least, Monday or Tuesday.



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