Seana Week 8

Week 8 Progress:

This past week we had an Indian dish. I also did some research on the Indian culture and the traditional foods they eat. We accomplished our weekly blog post. Things we need to accomplish are posting on our instagram and updating our recipes. I recently got some interesting and relevant news. I might be able to go the Spring break Japan trip. I wanted of going to Japan because of all the different things there. This trip relates to this project and blog because while i’m there i’ll be able to experience different cultural foods.

Our overall progress is going well. I really like the way our website looks and how it is organized. I think we are on track with our on-time delivery. We’re currently working on our tedtalk script or text that will be given in a couple of weeks. There aren’t really any adjustments that need to be made besides continuing to go at this rate and progress with updating our blog.

Next we’ll be working on making our recipes and researching about the culture. Some things that need to be done are the making of authentic recipes and taking the time to research and learn about why they have that dish.



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