Taylor Week 9

This week is our second week of Indian Food. I had Naan; which is kind of like a flatbread, with Tamarind Chutney. If you would like to make this, I posted the recipe under Indian. A challenge we faced was finding Indian food. There aren’t really any restaurants or food-trucks on Maui that serve Indian that we know about. So if we don’t make it ourselves then it can be difficult. Not much has changed with our project.We are on track with our deadlines and are writing our TED talk outline which is due on 4/22. A challenge we are faced with is our TED talk outline. We know the message we want to put across and we have an idea of what we want to say just we know that we will have trouble putting it in outline form. But I know we will figure it out and have it ready by 4/22. naan and tamarind chutney


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