Jonathan Week 10

Week 10 progress:

This week we ate our Indian food. Everything is kind of going smoother because of the new blog and my team and I are communicating of  what we want on our ted talk. Our ted talk outline is good but could use a lot of improvement. We now understand how food connects to the culture and it goes deeper than what any of us thought. It has been a lot of work making the food and posting it and doing the ted talk but I think it will turn out ok. I still am strugling to keep up with my blog posts but it is slowly getting better. Our ted talk is coming along and it is so far not bad. We will be getting videos of restraunt cooks giving their thoughts on the food they cook hoping it will broden our perspective of food. We will try to put the videos in the ted talk which I think will be very good to have. Next my teammates and I will be going to restraunts and taking pictures and videos of us eating the food for our tedtalk.


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