Jonathan Week 3

Week 3 Progress:

This past week I needed to eat a European dish and post it to the blog and to Instagram. I am still deciding between two dishes I will do. So far this has been a really fun experience and has taught me that there is so much different European foods that I have never even heard before. Next week is the last week that we will be eating European which is kind of sad because it has been very tasty but I am excited for the next cultural food we will be eating. It has been kind of hard finding things that I can cook because some of the ingrediants are weird and I don’t know where to get it but I am sure I will find somethings. I am on track for on-time delivery but I need to make sure I make the food in the beginning of the week to give me more time to post it. I need to think of another food to make for next week but whatever I don’t make today I will make next week but I still need to cook it and post it to the blog and Instagram.


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