Jonathan Week 12

Week 12 progress:

This week was not successful at all. All of my teammates and I were very busy this week and could not go to any restraunts. This was a setback because now we might have to go to more restraunts next week to make up for this week. I like that we are going to restraunts and taking pictures and videos because it will look nice in our tedtalk. My teammate put the pictures and videos we got last week into an iMovie and it looks nice. Our tedtalk is almost finished and we are starting to memorize it. We timed what our tedtalk is and it is a little over 5 minutes which is perfect because we will be adding more to it. Now we will cook another Mexican dish and I am so far really liking mexicans. I have been going to the restraunts and eating over there instead of cooking it because it takes a lot of time cooking it and I have been really busy with other work from other classes. The best mexican dish I have eaten so far is fried icecream. It is so amazing especially because the icecream is wrapped in this warm cinnamon layer and inside a fried bowl. I ate this when my teammate and I went to take videos at Amigos. This project is going well and coming together.


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