Seana Week 12

Week 12 Progress:

This week we ended our Thai food section for our project. I consumed a lot of Thai food and it was great. We began practicing out TED talk scripts and timing it. This last week we went around the island looking for all of the restaurants that serve the foods from the countries we are featuring on our blog. We covered Italian and Mexican on Saturday. We are planning a little surprise for our presentation that gives the audience a little taste of what we have been experiencing throughout this project.

There were not any things that went wrong this week. I made some spring rolls and I never new how to fold them properly. Now, I can say that I have spring roll rolling skills.

Next, we move on to Mexican. We have already added facts and good-to-know information about Mexico and their dishes. All we have to do now is memorize our scripts verbatim and keep up to date with our Instagram and blog.

Screen Shot 2016-05-13 at 1.55.20 PM


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