Seana Week 14

Week 14 Progress:

This past week we worked on the finishing touches for our TED Talk presentation. This past week we’ve also practiced our TED Talk presentations in front of Mrs. McCall. We were given a few suggested corrections and we worked on those this week.

One problem we had this week was having each group members contributing an equal amount. I feel like we’ve been having this problem throughout the whole project. The responsibility of the project leader has been passed around a lot of times and I think we should have established what was expected of each of us before we started. What i’ve learned from this is to know what is expected from you and if you are responsible for something make sure you make it a priority.

I feel that we are on track for an on time delivery. We’ll have to finish up the blog posts by this weekend and make up anythings we may have missed, such as, blog posts, instagram posts, or regular posting of recipes and facts on our blog site.




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