Taylor Week 12

This week is our first week of Mexican food. I had fish tacos. If you would like to make this, I posted the recipe under Mexican. A challenge we faced was that we’re trying to go to several different restaurants and videotape us trying foods and our reactions. It’s a creative idea but we’re not entirely sure how we’ll be paying for the food at each restaurant and who will drive us from place to place. Another challenge is the year and this project is coming to a close so we have limited time left. There are a lot of Mexican restaurants on Maui, so finding food won’t be hard. We can also make it ourselves since Mexican food is so common. Not much has changed with our project. We are on track with our deadlines and wrote and turned in our outline for our TED Talk full text on 4/22. A challenge I am faced with right now is that I don’t have access to our blog. These last two post will be posted later since I do not have access at this time.fish tacos 2


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