Taylor Week 14

This week is our third week of Mexican food. I had Tres Leche. It’s a dessert that is a milk cake. If you would like to make this, I posted the recipe under Mexican. A challenge we faced was that we’re trying to go to several different restaurants and videotape us trying foods and our reactions. Another challenge was when we were presenting our TED talk. We know our lines and we’re fixing our presentation, we just have to prefect the too little moving with too much moving. Another challenge is the year and this project is coming to a close so we have limited time left. There are a lot of Mexican restaurants on Maui, so finding food won’t be hard. We can also make it ourselves since Mexican food is so common. Not much has changed with our project. We are on track with our deadlines and are presenting our TED talks on Monday 5/23. My group has been practicing during class. Our presentation is well written and everyone can relate. We hope this project makes people want to try new foods from different cultures. tres leche


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